Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog Debuts with King Features


I met Jonathan Mahood and his robot dog creation on Comics Sherpa. I was doing a panel called and his strip was called Hoover the Rechargeable Dog at that point (changed to Bleeker prevent problems with the vacuum cleaner folks). I emailed him about my Hoover the Hungry Dog creation and we have stayed in touch ever since.

hoover and bleeker the dogs

hoover the hungry dog and bleeker the rechargeable one

It was great to see Bleeker picked up by GoComics, and a surprise that it didn’t go into full syndication with Universal. Thankfully, my syndicate, King Features, were able to pick it up instead and now Bleeker will be sharing space on Daily Ink and Comics Kingdom (as well as lots of newspapers, we hope!) with Arctic Circle.bleeker robot dog

New updates start today and JM has worked with Tea at King Features to create a nice little ComicPress site: Check it out!


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