Anyone know how to crack macadamia nuts?


We bought a bag of macadamias for Christmas from the deli in Eden. I love macadamias, but getting into them seems impossible. We tried two nutcrackers (bought at op shops along the way) and neither cracked them. Any ideas? Maybe a hammer on rock….macadamia and hazlenuts


2 thoughts on “Anyone know how to crack macadamia nuts?

  1. It’s really hard to crack macadamia nuts, but there are some specially made ones that crack them open easily, although they are expensive. Most people, i believe use vise grips and hammer, the vise grips holding the nut and then using the hammer to smash the shell. Roasting, boiling or freezing the nuts beforehand helps, making the shell weaker and brittle. Good luck!

    • Aha, a vice… we settled on a hammer and a rock in the garden than has a handy macadamia-sized indentation, but sometimes they do ping all over the courtyard!

      Update: Our friend, Anna, lent us a macadamia nut cracker. It’s a wooden mallet and nut holder!

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