Wholistic Harvest’s Nice Big Calendar


The boyf and I went to Werribee’s Harvest Picnic today came back with lots of goodies (cherries, strawberries, goji berries!). One thing that I saw, loved, but didn’t buy (I have a zillion 2011 calendars already!) was this calendar from Wholistic Harvest. It celebrates Australia’s seasonal harvest and is beautifully designed with choice photos and a gorgeous, hand-lettered font.

Wholistic Harvest girls

Wholistic Harvest stand at Werribee Harvest Picnic

If you don’t already have a zillion calendars, or you know someone who could do with a nice, big, easy-to-write on one (they have used a recycled paper with a good tooth), then head to Wholistic Harvest to buy one.

Wholistic Harvest calendar pages

Lots of room for writing in


One thought on “Wholistic Harvest’s Nice Big Calendar

  1. Alex thanks so much for the great review..

    We absolutely love the Arctic Circle blog and look forward to receiving your cartoons in our inbox!

    Keep up the fantastic work,

    Melissa & Mandy, Wholistic Harvest

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