Australian Cartoon Conference 2010

Melbourne skyline

It was a superb weekend for the ACA Cartoon Conference in Melbourne.

St Kilda pier

I cycled in via St Kilda seafront

sculpture on pedestrian bridge

Biked over the bridge that shows where Australians have immigrated from

Jason Seiler

Jason Seiler gave a great presentation on how he does his caricatures

Jason Seiler

He does a lot of preparatory sketches from posed photographs and good reference

Jason Seiler embarrasses some ACA blokes by not pulling any punches over their appearance - glad it wasn't me!

Jason Seiler used some of the ACA guys to show how he observes people to do their portraits

Leigh Hobbs

Leigh Hobbs gave one of the best presentations, talking about how he ended up doing his marvellous children's books

Peter Viska and Michael Jantze showed their impressive animation showreels

Michael Jantze was another of the guests from America (also Stan Goldberg) and we would have loved to have seen more of his work - great animation

The last photo is from the ACA web site and you can see more here.

It was fantastic to meet more great cartoonists this year, including the multi-talented and charming Michael Jantze, who wasn’t able to come last year due to a bit of a plane ticket snafu…

I didn’t take my camera to the Stanleys, but Table 4 was the best crowd. David Pope got the award for Cartoonist of the Year and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer chap. We were surrounded by talented Melbourne cartonists – Oslo Davis, Andrew Weldon (who is resisting the siren call of the internet), Matt Golding, Leigh Hobbs and Judy Horacek (who has scandalously never been nominated, but whose book is getting rave reviews). I was chuffed to get nominated again in the comic strip category, even though I lost out to my nemesis, Tony Lopes (please, Tony – enter Insanity Streak in the single panel division and give me a chance!).  At the end of the evening, we were hand-drawing business cards to give to each other. Considering that a fair few of us were tired and emotional, I’m surprised how well these turned out.

recycling the Stanleys brochure at the dinner

recycling the Stanleys brochure at the dinner


6 thoughts on “Australian Cartoon Conference 2010

    • Hi Jules

      Great to see you too and I have to say that this was the most enjoyable Stanleys I’ve been to since I started going in 2004.

      Nice work – take a break!


  1. Alex I have almost consumed a bottle of fine red trying to find you! Recovering in hospital from a knee replacement I had time to read the comics today! How exciting to see Arctic Circle! Not sure if I should be angry at you for relocating me or if it is a ploy to intrigue and I’ll have to read again next week! Why = because in my other life – fundraising for charity = I am a penguin! Have a look at our website. In my other life I own a company which has a very close affiliation with the conference industry and was wondering if you could let me know where the next conference is being held? Any likelihood it will be in Adelaide? I know all the venues and at my age = most of the places you’d be likely to enjoy = unique to South Aussie. The reason for this though Alex is to ask if you would consider perhaps donating a trilogy of your comics, signed, which we could auction at one of our events please? As we have been recognised as the highest Variety Bash fundraisers in Australia, we do have a following, and I know they would fetch a large sum for this great charity! Thank you for your consideration – and yes I have been to both the Artic Circle and Antarctica!! Best wishes Sue 0417857241

    • Hello Sue

      How lovely to hear from you and it seems like you had a good bottle of wine (Shiraz? McClaren Vale?)

      I think the next conference will be in Canberra, though I’m sure South Australia will be a future venue.

      Please email me at and we can discuss your charity privately.




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