e-Waste Cartoons


Here is the series on e-waste. It’s a growing problem – we see so many TVs and computer monitors dumped on the street here because people have upgraded to the latest digital TVs and flat screen monitors. And Apple considers 4 year old computers to be ‘antiques’. I’m keeping my 11 year old laptop and 7 year old desktop machines going as long as I can, but it gets difficult when older hardware isn’t supported by software providers (Google Picassa, I’m talking about YOU).

Processing e-waste has to be done carefully -there are a lot of toxic compounds in there and shipping the stuff off to China is hardly responsible behaviour if we care about the health and safety of their workers.

what does the council do with e-waste

Howard finds out what Snowpeak Council does with e-waste

 e-waste in landfill

What happens to e-waste in landfill


Frank-e-stein the e-waste monster

what frank-e-stein is made of

Coltan is a rare ore, mined from the Congo and used for mobile phones

e-monster programming

Frank-e-stein's programming

ringing in the e-monster's ears

Ed checks out the e-monster

sending the e-waste monster back to the manufacturers

If all e-waste went back to its source we would see better recycling


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