Murray to Mountains Rail Trail


The boyf and I took off for 5 days last week to do the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. It rained buckets, but we had fun (and were still talking at the end of it!).

Everton to Beechworth biking

After 35km we climbed another 20km up to Beechworth -knackering!

Pennyweight winery

Pennyweight winery has an entrance for cyclists

Beechworth street

Downtown Beechworth

water fountain at beechworth

Not that we were short of water on this trip

Chinese cemetery beechworth

The Chinese cemetery at Beechworth is huge

Bridge St Brewery

The Bridge St Brewery has the best Ned Kelly iconography

Beechworth walk sign

I did part of a great walk from Beechworth to Kerford Reservoir

walk grid

There are mine shafts all over the shop and grates to stop you falling down them

boots over grid

Though it is weird standing on the grid with a big mine shaft below you


Some of the shafts go a long way down

myrtleford butter factory

When we left Beechworth we rode downhill to Myrtleford. The Butter Factory does a great lunch and makes fab butter too.

magpie prevention

The modified headgear is to protect against dive-bombing magpies

bright sign

It was a relief to get to Bright after 60kms of riding

bike riding through blossom

A welcome avenue of trees

rail trail cafe

One of our first stops the next day was the Rail Trail Cafe at Porepunkah

raging river

It was raining hard and the rivers were rising

Everton stop on rail trail

It cleared for a short while as we came into Everton

flooded pasture in Victoria

Pasture was flooded and we were soaked through to our undies (not pictured...).

puddle biking

The next day - no rain, but lots of flooding and a headwind

end of trail

This was the nicest weather we had all week - end of the Rail Trail at Wangaratta

rainbow over pasture

We drove out through the King Valley towards Melbourne

Dal Zotto cafe

Had a beautiful lunch at Dal Zotto to top off our trip

Home now – warm, dry and with lots of work to do!


2 thoughts on “Murray to Mountains Rail Trail

  1. Really enjoyed this post Alex,

    It is a beautiful area of Victoria and so green (and wet) at the moment. There are so many places to eat and drinks to be had you almost need a month touring around up there.


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