Homemade Business Cards


For the past ten years I’ve had my business cards printed. Lately I’ve switched to recycled paper stock and vegetable ink, but it still seems terribly wasteful and energy intensive (especially when it comes to delivery).

I’ve decided to try making my own cards and rather than printing them, I’m making each one individually. Each card is an original artwork on reused card. I’m experimenting with colour, but i think I prefer the black and white on the card.

What do you think?

Business cards for cartoonist Alex Hallatt moontoon.com

Handmade business cards on cereal box card


2 thoughts on “Homemade Business Cards

  1. Looks good.

    Though I wonder about the dimensions – are these scans of the whole cards? Doesn’t seem like the size of standard business cards __ unless that’s your intent.

    Are you fine letting the world know what you eat (almost like an informal endorsement without getting paid for it)?

    If not, then there are some sites that address recycling / upgrading, like using grocery store bags to make a laptop bag by layering and using an iron to fuse them together.

    Or, if removing the cereal box print isn’t possible, how about applying something over it to cover it up? Tape? Other discarded paper glued over the cereal box print?


    • Yup – cards are fairly standard size 88mm x 55mm. I’ve whitewashed the backs of some of them, but others have only a small bit of text and advertise a healthy brand of cereal!

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