Good Food

inside melbourne exhibition building

Taste of Melbourne - Inside the Exhibition Building

The boyf won tickets for Taste of Melbourne last week. I was expecting I would get bored after the initial (very overpriced) dishes from the restaurant stalls, but it wasn’t too bad.

Green and Black Chocolate Fountain

For starters there were a lot of chocolate and ice cream companies giving out free samples. The marshmallows dipped in Green and Black's chocolate fountain were to die for and only bettered by Gundowring Golden Syrup icecream worth going to purgatory for.

bultarra saltbush lamb

I got to chat to the guy at Bultarra Saltbush Lamb - usually they are very busy when we buy their lamb from the farmers market

enviromeat at Taste of Melbourne

I also had a good chat with Enviromeat, who raise, market and distribute beef that has a low environmental impact

I ended up being there for 2 hours (the boyf was there for nearly four – I had to repair to the adjacent Melbourne Museum and revive myself by looking at Ordician fossils and the odd dinosaur skeleton)

a sketch of a Russian trilobite fossil

Some of the trilobite fossils have been painstakingly cleaned and look quite animated

Tarbosaurus fossil cast at the Melbourne Museum

Tarbosaurus - Tyranosaurus' marginally less scary cousin

When he emerged, we went on to Brunswick Street and found a great new bar with food that was just as good as what we had had at Taste of Melbourne, but waaaaay cheaper ($2 per tapas, not $8 to $12) – it was almost like being in Donostia-San Sebastian.

Naked for Satan

Plus the pipework in Naked for Satan should make a great reference for a cartoon one day...


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