No Disposable Coffee Cups Today (or Ever, Please?)

flier for coffee cup free thursday

today is coffee cup free thursday

I just found out that today is coffee cup free day. The boyf and I tend to have coffee in, but when we were traveling through the US we found that many places used disposable cups even when you were staying in the cafe (yes, Starbucks in LA airport, I was very cross with you!). I was kicking myself because I had forgot to pack our keepcups (click link, or see the cups in the picture on the far left and right). Keepcups are a reusable cup that are designed for easy use by baristas and easy drinking by folks who love that sippy cup feeling (or those of us who are happy to go lid free)!

Disposable coffee cup - preview of Sunday panel cartoon

The title panel from an upcoming Arctic Circle cartoon about disposable coffee cups


One thought on “No Disposable Coffee Cups Today (or Ever, Please?)

  1. Thanks for posting this.I’m so glad to know that there’s actually something called coffee cup free thursday!The cafes here in India refuse to serve in your own cup.So all I can do is not drink coffee at places that serve in paper cups, even if that means suppressing the craving for a cuppa.I agree, there are so many places that serve in plastic/paper cups even when it’s not take away.Let’s say no disposable cups ever please!!Cheers to that!

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