Gwen Joins the Arctic Circle Cast


I’ve been writing this incarnation of  Arctic Circle for over three years and despite being a female cartoonist, the main cast of seven are all male (it’s sort of a default setting for animal characters without eyelashes). When I wrote the Antarctica series, I had great fun with the introduction of a female character, Gwen. So I’ve brought her back. I’m not sure if she’ll stay – I’ve been writing more strips with her in this week – we’ll see how things work out.

My editor thought some of these strips a little sexist, but there are differences between men and women (in general) and the amount of luggage they take is definitely one of them.

I have a whole lot of facebook friends I don't even know and I'm petrified of deleting them

So this is my approach for a lot of my Facebook "friends" whose witterings mean nothing to me

Gwen moves out of the bachelor igloo

My mum actually did this to Dad's shirts once.

Inspired by the Gondola in Christchurch. A pointless apparatus, if ever there was one - you can walk or drive to the top of the hill it goes up!


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