Because Who Buys Original Cartoons Anymore Anyway?


Paper wasting original layout

I’ve sold a few originals recently and it is always good to do swaps with the few cartoonists who are still working old school, but most of my originals are shoved in cardboard boxes *ahem* neatly archived, never to be seen again. Lemon (see previous post) rightly pointed out to me that I could squeeze two dailies onto the one page, saving trees (and space and a fair bit of cash – Canson illustration paper doesn’t come cheap), even though it would make the cartoons more difficult to frame. There could be a few more inking accidents, but it is saving time in printing and scanning too.

new layout (no spoilers)


2 thoughts on “Because Who Buys Original Cartoons Anymore Anyway?

  1. I use the ‘heap’ method of storage and have implemented paper bag archiving. I have managed to save paper by using both sides and all round the edge etc. This does cause problems if anyone wants to buy an original, but as I always say to customers – “Do your own drawing”.

    Thanks for blogging me by the way – it was lovely to meet you when you visited Greenwich. Keep up the great work.

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