Justin Thompson & Charles Schulz Museum


When the boyf and I were visiting a friend of his in Northern California, we were a hop, skip & a jump away from Santa Rosa, so paid a visit to the Charles Schulz Museum.

detail of the building

Hanging out with two of my childhood icons

In the atrium of the museum

When you get closer you see the tiles are individual Peanuts strips

A superior alternative to papering the bathroom with the comics pages

The highlight was meeting fellow cartoonist, Justin Thompson, and getting the real tour, behind the scenes at the Peanuts studios.

With Justin outside the studios where Schulz used to work

Justin's drawing board

I think he needs a bigger office

This room would have blown my ten year old mind


3 thoughts on “Justin Thompson & Charles Schulz Museum

    • Law of Averages, mate… apparently you work one day a week (not the day I was there) and spend that time pestering the people with real jobs.


      Sorry I missed you – drop by here anytime!

  1. OMG! My whole life I wanted to work at that place! I’m so excited for you Justin. You are living the dream that people like me will only dream…and you are there.

    So proud of you my friend!



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