The end of an Age


Got notification yesterday that The Age are canceling 3 of their 5 daily strips, including mine. Not sure what will remain, but looking at this Saturday’s paper, Wizard of Id survives.

Update: Wizard of Id and Non Sequitur will stay. Although NS is one of the cheapest strips available in Australia, we have been told that a panel decided the cuts on the basis of popularity.

At least it was the end of a storyline

At least it was the end of a storyline


3 thoughts on “The end of an Age

  1. Thanks, Sally!

    A letter would be GREAT.

    In the meantime, yes, you can see Arctic Circle online if you click on the Comics Kingdom animated widgetty thing on the left.

  2. Alex, I just wrote to “The Age” – I can’t believe they did this! I waited a few days thinking maybe it was just a temporary hiatus, but no…

    I find it difficult to imagine a better strip than “Arctic Circle” – it’s appealing, a great concept, consistently funny and very easy to take in (which too many modern strips aren’t).

    If something had to go, then “The Wizard of Id” is well past its prime, but just two strips is unbelievably lame in any case.

    I hope other publications will pick up “Arctic Circle” – I’ll certainly be looking out for it!

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