I was reading an interesting Treehugger article about more environmentally-friendly concrete this week. Concrete from Portland cement produces a lot of carbon dioxide in its manufacture, but is very useful as a heat sink for passive solar heating. Now it looks like there is a very real alternative to Portland cement in the form of “E-crete” made from fly ash – a by-product of burning coal and something that is currently hard to get rid of. Buildings made from this stuff have lasted a very long time and the production means an 80-90% reduction in carbon emissions.

Later the same day, I read another article in CSIRO’s magazine, ECOS, about  Zeobond , based right here in Melbourne, which is a leading manufacturer of this eco-concrete. I hope they are successful in promoting this kind of building material over regular concrete.E-creteZeobond Pty Ltd utilises waste materials of fly ash and bottom ash from power stations, blast furnace slag from iron making plants, and concrete waste to make geopolymers, which is what gives this material the large energy saving. This technology has experienced rapid growth in the last decade with an extensive range of applications particularly in the construction, architectural and refractory industries.


One thought on “Eco-cement

  1. Check out Aerated Concrete as well… One of my clients, Hebel, have a range 80% lighter than regular concrete, which obviously uses a lot less raw material… Looks like E-crete make a similar product too – AAC. It’s just a pity they’re not yet reusing waste products to produce this.

    Tangent: Transit NZ are using crushed glass in new road surfaces – I see as well that they’ve got a machine that “recycles” the existing road surface – breaking it up, grading it, and laying a new surface on the top – making huge reductions in the amount of new material needed… Perhaps they can lay recycled glass over the top… thus justifying my drinking another bottle tomorrow night? hmmm…

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