King Features Centenary – Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

King Features has just turned a hundred. It has been fantastic to be a King Features cartoonist for a mere 8% of its history. I’m grateful for the opportunity it has given me to share Arctic Circle with comics fans all over the world.

Congratulations and thank you to the late Jay Kennedy, Brendan Burford and all the King Features crew who have given me the best job of my life.


Cats are Cute, But Also Little Killers

When I was a kid, I had a cat (“Tac”, a white cat who adopted us when we lived in Cornwall) and I adored it. It pained me every time she caught a bird, or mouse, or mole. Especially when she left the remains on the doormat. I lived in New Zealand and Australia for about a decade and didn’t have a cat there, but I saw how the native wildlife was no match for the cats. At least in Melbourne, cats had to be kept in at night, but in most places in the world they are free to roam and kill millions of birds and small animals.Cat wearing a Birdsbesafe collar